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Released in 2023 •  Show for all, from 6 years old  •  Length 45 min  • Street show or indoors


HAPPY APOCALYPSE TO YOU is a clown, Chinese pole and scratching (DJ) duo that tells the story of two eccentric characters and their tireless optimism in the face of any difficulty, including the apocalypse. The apocalypse doesn't happen every day: we must celebrate it, together.

 Acrobatics, rap, digging  for vinyls and always with humor, this show invites the audience to an absurd party, hosted by two brainless masters of ceremonies who strive to figure out how to organize this unique event.

Download the technical rider of the show


The show is over, but the Doomsday Party has just begun!



For programming venues that wish it, Les Enfants Sérieux have prepared an enhanced version of the show which continues with a DJ set, so that the party doesn't stop.

Whether it's at the end of the evening to dance all night or in the middle of the afternoon for a snack: for Les Enfants Serious, no matter the time, it will never be too early or too late to transmit their tireless energy to you and you invite to dance...

WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY Les Enfants Sérieux  / ONSTAGE Ilaria Romanini, Jaime Monfort Miralles 

/ OUTSIDE EYE Heinzi Lorenzen

/ SOUND TECHNICIEN : Celia Idir, Théo Vallée, Marilyn Etienne-Bon 

/ CHINESE POLE CONSTRUCTION La Gare à Coulisses, a conventioned arts scene in the territory of street arts and circus arts

/ STAGE BUILT BY Ateliers La Folle Allure, Guillaume Balès

/ PARTNERS Compagnie associée à Quelques p’Arts, Centre National des Arts de la Rue et de l’Espace public (CNAREP) (07), La Cascade, Pôle National des Arts du cirque Rhône-Alpes, Bourg saint-Andéol (07), La Gare à Coulisses, Scène conventionné arts en territoire arts de la rue et arts de la piste, Eurre (26), La Central del Circ, Barcelona (Espagne), De Rue De Cirque, Paris (75), Communauté de communes Alet-les Bains (11), La Verrerie, Pôle National Cirque Occitanie, Alès (30), La Verrerie, Pôle National Cirque Occitanie, Alés (30)

/ RESIDENCIES  L'Académie Fratellini, Saint Denis (93), La Cascade, Pole National de cirque, Bourg saint- Andéol (07), L’Abbaye de Saint Polycarpe, Saint Polycarpe (11), La Gare à Coulisses, Scène conventionné art en territoire arts de la rue et arts de la piste, Eurre (26), De Rue De Cirque, Paris (75), La Central del Circ, Barcelone (Espagne), Daki Ling, Le Jardin des Muses Association City Zen Café, Marseille (13), La Verrerie, Pôle National Cirque Occitanie, Alés (30)

/ PREMIERES May 7, 2023 Circus Day Festival, ThereWaterfall, National Circus Pole, Bourg Saint-Andéol (07)

/  DISTRIBUTION and PRODUCTION BY  Les pieds sur les épaules / Théa Bessonneau

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