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Released in 2018  •  Family show, from 5 years old  •  Length 45 min •  Adapted to all kind of spaces

"Demain Hier is a poetic and playful show in which two young circus artists revisit all ages of a human being, from the life of a newborn without teeth to an old toothless man. An eternally looped journey between growth, maturation and degeneration."


Ludor Citrik

Amongst adults, it’s always the same: think before you act ! Be careful ! Don’t shout like that ! In their clean suits, they are already old tomorrow.

They say that it’s for our own sake, that babies babble, that all children are turbulent and teenagers are tormented, that when we’ll be grown-ups, we’ll have to be like them: well mannered. 

But Jaime and Ilaria, if they are adults, it’s just in size. With them, life is not an algorithm: we can put a square bead in a round beads necklace and besides, it’s mandatory! 

In their show, they make fun of everything, they play as babies, as elderly people. They prove to us that nothing is fixed and they show us that, at heart, what adults really want is to be a child again.

ONSTAGE Ilaria Romanini, Jaime Monfort Miralles


/ COSTUMES  Magali Castellan

/ SET DESIGN Redha Medjahed

/ PRODUCED BY The Fratellini Academy with the support of the city of Saint-Denis

/ DISTRIBUTION BY Les pieds sur les épaules / Théa Bessonneau


© Jérôme Vila - Geof Atwell - Circusögraphy

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