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Ever since she was born in Italy, Ilaria has always looked for different ways to express herself through theatrical play.

She followed the classic school path in Italy and obtained a Physical Education degree from the University of Bologna (equivalent to the STAPS degree in France).

After that, she devoted herself to street performance, where she discovered circus, an art that allowed her to unite all her passions.

The desire to professionalize and train in performing arts intensified in her and, in 2014, Ilaria got into FLIC Scuola di Circo, a professional contemporary circus school in Turin.

It was here where she discovered her love for Chinese pole, which led her to leave her native country to go and live in France where she was professionally trained at the Académie Fratellini.

She is currently developing an autobiographical research on the Chinese pole, Animus Anima, questioning gender, and the female body.

Besides, Ilaria is a performer in the collective clown show: Homo Sapiens, directed by  Caroline Obin alias Proserpine.


(+33) 07 81 11 23 21

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