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DJ SiriusClown

Creation 2025 •  clown DJ set

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SiriusClown was born from a mix of Jaime's passions: on the one side, clowning, and on the other: hip-hop, deejaying, music and, above all, the festive spirit inherent to all these passions.

SiriusClown is not a typical clown, he is a DJ. He is there to mix music or to play it with his clown accessories bought in his spare time as a clown. He takes out his unusual objects to modify the sound electronically and uses them to scratch and mix songs together. He might look amazing: in makeup, in disguise... He might even do amazing things. But the main protagonists in his SETS remain the people on the dance floor.

What will he decide to dplay play this evening?

… Traditional Balkan music, which he listened to to learn how to juggle?

Hip-hop from the 90s on which he had a go at breakdancing ?

Or the intense drum&bass that he discovered during his years in England?

Maybe cumbia mixed with tech-house… or tech-house mixed with a traditional Caribbean song ?

A little bit of beatbox or a live rap to start with...?

WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY Les Enfants Sérieux / DJ Jaime Monfort Miralles

/ SOUND TECHNICIEN Célia Idir, en alternance avec Théo Vallée et Marilyn Etienne Bon

/  DISTRIBUTION and PRODUCTION BY Les pieds sur les épaules / Théa Bessonneau

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©Julie Carretier-Cohen

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