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Les Enfants Sérieux

Les Enfants Sérieux team is expanding!

By donating to Les Enfants Sérieux, you can help us financially with all the work that goes on behind the scenes in the company.

For over a year, we have been very happy to collaborate with Théa Bessonneau from the production agency: Les pieds sur les épaules, which is in charge of the administration, production and distribution of our shows.

Not to mention our magnificent trio of technicians who follow our shows alternately (Célia Idir, Théo Vallée and Marilyn Etienne-Bon) and our close collaborators (Jessica Chomet for the costumes, Heinzi Lorenzen as an outside eye) .

And finally, the GAMe cooperative (Group of Artists, Musicians and Entrepreneurs) which takes care of the company's accounting and all the paperwork that is necessary to be a clown.

By making a donation, you are not only helping us financially, you will receive important news about the company, the tours... and for any donation equal to or greater than €15, we will send you a Serious Children T-shirt.

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